Primitives, Pragmas, Literals and their relation to CompiledMethods

What is a primitive? Do you want to know the answer?  Just do what we always do in Smalltalk: browse code 🙂   Open your image and browse the method #whatIsAPrimitive. You can read the following information there: “Some messages in the system are responded to primitively. A primitive response is performed directly by the interpreter … More Primitives, Pragmas, Literals and their relation to CompiledMethods

Playing with CompiledMethod

The today’s stop of this Journey through the VM is about CompiledMethods. In the previous post I explained the different class formats and specially, the unique format of CompiledMethod. Today we are going deeper with them and we will see why they are even more special 😉 Summary of the previous post: CompiledMethod instances are internally … More Playing with CompiledMethod

Smalltalk reflective model

Hi. I am sure the title of this post is horrible, but I didn’t find anything better. The idea is simple: in this part of the journey, we will talk about bytecodes, primitives, CompiledMethods, FFI, plugins, etc… But before going there, I would like to write some bits about what happens first in the image … More Smalltalk reflective model