My presentations at “Summer School on Languages and Applications”, Bolivia 2014

A few months ago, I was invited to give some talks at “Summer School on Languages and Applications” in Bolivia. I offered several topics I was able to talk about and 3 of them were chosen. The target of the presentations were mostly university students who haven’t seen Smalltalk never before. So my presentations tried to be as friendly as possible for that public.

The presentations were:

Web Development with Smalltalk: This talk was actually mostly about Seaside, but I also gave a very short intro to Smalltalk and, at the end, showed a bit of Amber. Besides the slides, I showed some simple demos. In addition, at the end of the talk, I showed  the financial commercial application we are developing for a client and a video about the great Yesplan.

Smalltalk and Business:  I gave a quick overview of the Smalltalk advantages but from the enterprise point of view. I also talked quite a bit about Pharo (and why a strong open source dialect would matter), its Association and Consortium and all community related stuff. Finally, I explained a little bit about GemStone and Seaside and how the combination of all that ends on what is the stack of frameworks I enjoy the most these days.

Marea: Application-Level Virtual Memory for Object-Oriented Systems: This talk was very similar to the one of my PhD defense… but I tried to explain it a bit simpler (and I removed/skipped some slides).

The general feedback I received was positive and what I found is that most of the people were surprised that one could do web apps and real business with Smalltalk. Most students seem curious and wanting to learn more.

Everybody treat us very well. Everywhere.  In the street, in a restaurant, in the university, in the hotel, etc. The people were very gentle and respectful. We even had time to do some tourism:

visit to Saint Peter Hill

So…. in general, it was a very good experience and I really enjoyed my time there.

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