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Almost 2 years ago, I wrote my last post. What has happened since then that I didn’t write again? Nothing strange. Typical excuses… too much work and little time for writing blogs, contributing to open-source projects, actively participating  in mailing lists, etc.

Since I have finished my PhD two years ago, I have been working as an independent software developer. I had the pleasure of being 100% busy with different projects all in Smalltalk. I really can’t complain. I do have some free time now so I will try to revive this blog that I have always enjoyed a lot.

What I will be writing about? Most of my topics used to be about low-level stuff: some about Virtual Machine, some about meta-programming, frameworks, Smalltalk deep and internal details, my PhD topic, etc. But what I will be writing now? Well… my context has changed a bit. While I do still develop some internal frameworks, libraries or low-level code, I am mostly dealing with normal business developments, persistency issues, web development (Seaside, jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, etc), Pharo, GemStone, deploy and configuration, security, sysadmin, etc. So I guess my posts will be likely related to that.

Years ago, I wrote a long series of posts I called “Journey through the Pharo Virtual Machine” which was intended to VM newbies. I personally think that those posts contributed a bit to the huge work from the Pharo team to ease the compiling and building of the Pharo VM (mostly for none VM hackers). That made a lot of progress in the VM field. Now, it is very common to read in the Pharo mailing list about people who easily compiled the VM or fixed a bug or did a port to platform X or whatever… So I think we are now seeing the fruits of a long effort that started years ago by a lot of people.

Something that is in my head these days is to do a similar series of posts but about GemStone Smalltalk. In the same way I was not an expert in the VM field when I wrote the previous series of posts, I am not either a GemStone expert. There are people with much more knowledge than me. However, I feel I have a few things to share and that some other people would like to be aware of. So….what do you think?  Would you be interested?

Ok…this was all for today. I really hope I can revive this blog and start writing again which I have always enjoyed.




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  1. Nice to see you back to this. I really enjoyed your previous posts. I’m keen to hear about your experiences with Gemstone – and even more, how Gemstone can be used in conjunction with Pharo.

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