Headless support for Cog Cocoa VM

Hi guys.

As you may know, I finished my PhD in Computer Science in France and I am now back in my country, Argentina. I have started working as a freelancer/consultant/contractor/independent. If you are interested in discussing with me, please send me a private email.

For a long time, Pharaoers and Squakers have been asking for headless support in the Cocoa VMs just as we have with Carbon VMs. Carbon is becoming a legacy framework so people needed this.
 I wanted to take this opportunity to thanks Square [i] International for sponsoring me to implement such a support. Not only have they sponsored the development but they have also agreed to release it under MIT license for the community. This headless support will be included in the official Pharo VM and will be, therefore, accessible to everybody. You can read more details in the ANN email.

So…thanks Square [i] International for letting me work in something so much fun and needed.

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