Dr. Mariano Martinez Peck :)

Hi guys. Last Monday 29th of October, I did my PhD defense and everything went well (mention très honorable!) so I am now officially a doctor 🙂  My presentation was 45 mins long and I liked how it went. Have you ever wondered why I was involved in Fuel serializer, Ghost proxies, VM hacking, Moose’ DistributionMaps, databases, etc? If so, you can see the slides of my presentation here. Notice that there  lots of slides and this is because I have several animations and each intermediate step is a new slide in a pdf.

After my presentation, the jury had time to ask me any questions they had and give feedback. Lots of interesting questions and discussions came from there. After a private discussion between the members of the jury,  the president read my defense report and we followed with a cocktail with drinks and snacks.

The presentation was recorded (thanks Santi and Anthony for taking care) but now I am processing it … I will let you know when this is ready.

The jury was composed by 8 persons, 4 of which were my supervisors:

-Pr. Christophe Dony, Lirmm, Univ. Montpellier, France.
-Pr. Robert Hirschfeld, HPI, Postdam, Germany.
-Dr. Jean-Bernard Stéfani, DR Equipe SARDES, INRIA Grenoble-Rhone-Alpes, France.
-Dr. Roel Wuyts, Principal Scientist at IMEC et Professeur à l’universté catholique de Leuven, Belgium.
-Dr. Stéphane Ducasse, DR Equipe RMod, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France.
-Dr. Marcus Denker, CR Equipe RMod, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France.
-Dr. Luc Fabresse,  Ecole des Mines de Douai, Université de Lille Nord de France
-Dr. Noury Bouraqadi,  Ecole des Mines de Douai, Université de Lille Nord de France

So, the PhD has reached its end. Now it is time to move to a different stage.

See you,

Dr. Mariano Martinez Peck 🙂

20 thoughts on “Dr. Mariano Martinez Peck :)

  1. Hey Mariano, congratulations!
    And hats off to you for your excellent work!

    You tell us in a couple of days how it feels being a Dr.! 😉

    1. Hola German, gracias por el comentario. Si, la verdad que si, es como sacarse un gran peso de encima. Como vos decis, ahora es tiempo de disfrutar un poco jajaja. Abrazo!

  2. Congratulations! One additional application might be swapping to a remote image instead of disk. This would allow load balancing on a system with multiple images running on multiple cores.

    1. Hi Jecel. Thanks for the idea. In fact, I already thought about that since a long time. Since I have an strategy pattern for the graph storage, by just implementing 3 or 4 methods, it should work. It should be really really easy to do it. This would be more similar to what Spoon does. And yes, I would love a load balancer build on top of Marea 🙂

  3. groso peck!!!

    el 29 es octubre es mi cumpleaños 😀

    linda fecha para recibirse de doctor.


    1. Que haces Lea? que sorpresa! Que groso, no sabía que tu cumpleaños era el 29 jajaja, groso día 🙂 Bueno, muchas gracias. Tendríamos que arreglar un día una salida con los de Mercap cuando vuelva. Abrazo,

  4. Congrats, been fun following the progress (at least of tangible artifacts) through mailing lists and conferences to its much deserved conclusion!

    Hope you feel you’ve learned some useful things along the way 🙂

    1. Thanks Henry. Indeed, I have learned *a lot*. BTW, thanks to you also for always helping me with optimizations, collections, streams, encoding, etc. You were a big help in Fuel, Tanker, etc.

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