ESUG 2012: when the time to pay for the beers has arrived!

Hi guys. In a blog post of last year, I said:

“What is really great is to meet people. Have you ever sent 1 million emails to someone without even knowing his face?. Is he 70 years old? 20 ? What language does he speak?  Well, ESUG is the perfect conference to meet people by real, face to face. The best part of ESUG happens in the “corridors”, I mean, talking with people between talks, after the conference, in the social event, etc. There will be people who will ask you about your stuff, they will give you feedback and ideas. You will find yourself wanting to give feedback to others. It is a nice circle.”

This year, we should have another motivation. How many times have you promised people to buy them a beer if they did XXX? How many times people have promised you a beer for doing YYY? What better place than Belgium to balance the accounts?

I have already done my homework. I own beers to: Alain Plantec and  Henrik Sperre Johansen.

Anyway guys, hope to see you there!

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