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Hi. Sorry for being away from the blog for so long but I was on holidays and, when I came back, I dedicate all my time to submitting a paper. This post is just a summary of some recent news. In case you are already aware, then just discard this post 😉

Pharo 1.4 was released

Finally. After a lot of work, Pharo 1.4 was released. You can read the list of actions done here. Pharo is not perfect and, of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement but, from my point of view, the system is getting better with each release. Some of the improvements are in the UI or in direct tools so users notice them. However, most of the changes are in the infrastructure, that is, under the hood so they are not always perceived by the user. One way to notice this is the fact that we are able to build a lot of great stuff using this new infrastructure. As an example, I refer to projects such as Ring, RPackage, Nautilus, Zinc, Fuel, Opal, NativeBoostAthens, Moose, Spec, DrGeo, etc.

Pharo Conf 2012

For the first time ever, we  will have a Pharo Conference. It will be held in Lille, France on the 24th and 25 th of May 2012. Pharo Conf 2012 is organized by the Pharo core team of INRIA and the IA team of Ecole des Mines de Douai, both of which I am proud to be part of. For more information you can read this blog post. The main goal of the conference is to bring companies, developers and users together. Yo can register for the social event here.

International Workshop – IWST 2012 program committee

This is kind of personal but, since I am really happy, I wanted to share the news with you. I will be part of the program committee of IWST 2012 collocated in ESUG. It is the first time for me so I hope I will enjoy it.

Young Engineer Position on Smalltalk VM and Related Technology

This looks to me like the best job offer ever. It is an engineer position in RMoD team (in Lille, France) which is focused on virtual machine related work. As researchers, we need a system that allows us to explore new ideas. The job of the engineer is to help us by improving the infrastructure we use for our daily work. You can read more about it here. Wanna apply?

13 GSoC accepted projects (Fuel included!)

ESUG has received 13 slots for the GSoC 2012. This means that there were 13 accepted Smalltalk projects. I think these kind of projects are always useful. I was part of the ESUG SummerTalk (in two opportunities as a student and once as a mentor) and I think it is really worthy. As a  student, you can learn a lot and hopefully also give something useful to the community. Happily for me, one of the accepted projects is FuelPackageLoader. Even if I am not as official “mentor” in the GSoC, I will be there 🙂  What we are going do is described here. Basically, we will continue the prototype we have started. I talked about that when I showed how to import and export packages with Fuel (meaning to load Seaside in 10 seconds).

Ok, so that’s all for now. Talk to you soon!

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