My small talks at Smalltalks 2011

Smalltalks 2011 was, as usual, a very nice conference. I am glad I could attend even when living in France. This time I gave 2 talks as I mentioned in a previous post.

The talk “Building your own Pharo images with Metacello” was good or at least that’s what I think. Of course, it was a talk that only makes sense for certain people or scenarios. Moreover, it was a “pre-requirement” to know Metacello which n is something not all people know. The talk was in the big auditorium and there were quite a lot of people. The only thing I regret from the presentation is that I forgot to say that the code was MIT and that everybody could take it and adapt it to their own needs. Nevertheless, I added a slide with this information to the final version of the slides (which will be published in the website).

You can find the slides here but notice that most of the presentation was a live demo. You will need to wait for the video if you want to see it 😉  (it was recorded so it should be online soon). I like the topic of this talk so I will try to do a special post about it in the future.

The second talk was the presentation of my paper: “Problems and Challenges when Building an Unused Object Manager for Pharo”. It was in the secondary room so there were a few people (no more than 20). Besides, the talk was in parallel with a nice talk of Hernán Wilkinson. I hope that I least I could explain more or less what I am trying to do for my PhD. The slides of the talk are here.

That’s all folks 🙂

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