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Hi. I think I was pretty clear in this post when I described my feelings about ESUG Conference: “What is really great is to meet people. Have you ever sent 1 million emails to someone without even knowing his face?. Is he 70 years old? 20 ? What language does he speak?  Well, ESUG is the perfect conference to meet people by real, face to face. The best part of ESUG happens in the “corridors”, I mean, talking with people between talks, after the conference, in the social event, etc. There will be people who will ask you about your stuff, they will give you feedback and ideas. You will find yourself wanting to give feedback to others. It is a nice circle.”

Even though the previous paragraph describes pretty good what I think about ESUG, it can also be applied to Smalltalks Conference as well. This conference, which takes place in Argentina, has started in 2007 meaning this is the fifth edition. It’s true that the audience is less international than ESUG but that doesn’t mean that the conference is worst or not worth it. The conference is really international, people come from different countries and, in the last editions, all presentations were in English. The conference is free and the attendees are more or less between 150 and 300 people.

The conference is organized by FAST (Smalltalk Argentinian Foundation in Spanish) with several sponsors including ESUG. Since last year, there is not only a “technical track” of presentations, but also a “research track” (a workshop). This means there is a full program committee conformed by several international researchers. Papers are submitted and there is even a journal associated to the workshop. Believe me that for me, a PhD student and Smalltalker at the same time, this is awesome. Java fanatisim does not only exist in industry 😉

I have submitted a paper which was accepted so I am attending the conference. This is very good news for me because it means that I will be going to all existing Smalltalks conferences so far (from 2007 to 2011)! Well, at the same time I will be visiting my country so… 🙂  The paper is about my current development/investigation about managing unused objects. Soon, I will do a post and put the link to the paper.

Apart from the paper, I have also submitted a talk which was accepted as well: “Building your own Pharo images with Metacello”. It doesn’t make sense to said more because it is already explained in the conference website.

I would like to mention the effort that FAST and Smalltalkers are doing this year in order to attract new attendees to the conference. They are doing special “pre-Smalltalks talks” in 2 different universities where they give introduction courses to Smalltalk and the VM. It’s nice to see friends of mine taking care of that 🙂  So… if you want to improve your Smalltalks skills before Smalltalks or you want someone else to take the courses, plase visit this link: Of course, these courses are free as well.

There is also a Pharo sprint just before Smalltalks. It is on Wednesday 2nd at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (the same place where the conference takes place). If you have never attended a Pharo sprint, don’t miss this chance!! It’s the perfect place for everyone who loves Smalltalk from newbies to hackers. You can learn and pair program with really experienced guys of the Pharo board and make a real progress in an open-source project such as Pharo. The link is:

Not enough reasons to come? Well, I may be biased but Argentina is a very nice country with a lot of beautiful places and really friendly people. So, why don’t you come to Smaltalks and take some holidays as well?

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