Fuel: First place at ESUG Innovation Technology Awards

ESUG Innovation Technology Awards presentations

Hi guys. As I have already told you before, I finally presented Fuel at ESUG Innovation Technology Awards. The awards ceremony was quite good. Some people came to the table where I was and asked things about Fuel. Some didn’t know at all what Fuel was about (neither the internals of a general serializer while others knew a lot about serializers. I got interesting talks and some good ideas. Now there are even more items in my infinitive to-do list.

BTW, thanks Adriaan van Os for his wonderful pictures.

Now….showing a serializer is quite boring. What would you show?  Serializing and materializing an object graph is plain boring. So I though I could show something more interesting such as:

  1. Type some code on a workspace, debug it and then, in the middle of the debugging, serialize the debugger and its content into a file. Then I opened another image, I materialized the file and the debugger just opened. I could continue the debugging in this new image, exactly in the same place where it was serialized and with all the temp variables with its correct state. People were amazed about this. It is fun it took me literally 2″  to test it and see it works. There is NOTHING special needed for Fuel to test that.
  2. Following the previous item, Esteban A. Maringolo recommend me in the Pharo mailing list to do more or less the same but with Pharo errors. Pharo writes down an exception into PharoDebug.log (this is done in #logError:inContext:). So what I did is to modify such method so that it also serializes the context into a PharoDebug.fuel. Then, for the demo, I raised an exception so that the PharoDebug.fuel was written. Finally, I could take another image, materialize such file and debug the exception 🙂   That was kind of fun. Of course there are a lot of limitations in this but it was fun anyway.
  3. I showed how to use Fuel with a Riak NoSQL database. This is basically what I explained in a previous post.
  4. I showed how to speed up SandstoneDB by using Fuel instead of SmartRefStream. Again, this was the same as my previous post.

So…that was pretty much what I showed from Fuel. There were much more things I wanted to show but didn’t have time. For example, Martin Dias (main author of Fuel) could export seaside packages, load them in another image and start Seaside!!!

So far so good. Which was the problem? While we (submitters of ESUG Awards) were presenting our projects, Instantiations offered a reception with drinks (wine and scotch) and food. Grrrr I couldn’t take anything. Well…. almost anything. Henrik Johansen took my place a couple of minutes while I took a glass of wine. I may be wrong but someone told me that someone put a nice text in a workspace saying something like “Will be back in a couple of minutes” hahaha. Awesome.

ESUG Innovation Technology Awards Ceremony

The ceremony of the awards was on Wednesday (2 days after the presentation). This happened in the “City Chambers” in Edinburgh. There was a very nice reception (food and drinks again) in a really nice place. Before announcing the winners, “The Lord Provost and Council of the City of Edinburgh” give a nice speech. He (George Grubb) explained Edinburgh was proud of receiving ESUG and the talk was quite fun. Finally, he gave the diploma to each of the winners.

So….as you may guess from the title, Fuel got the first place. First of all, I want to really thanks to all the people who vote for us. There were a lot of interesting projects out there. Second, I would like to thanks Martin Dias. HE is the real Fuel developer. He has been doing a great job with Fuel and I just help him as much as I can. He deserves the honor as much as I do (and even more!). Finally, thanks to ESUG for sponsoring Martin with SummerTalk and to Stéphane Ducasse for bringing Fuel to life.

Paper accepted and slides of the presentation

Apart from presenting Fuel at the ESUG Innovation Technology Awards, we have also submitted a paper to the International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies. You can get the paper here. The paper was accepted, invited to do an extended journal version of it and then I gave a presentation in the ESUG conference. The talk was more or less good but as always I have something to learn. This time, the problem was the I had too many slides. I was on time (ok, maybe 5 minutes more hahahhah) but I have to be too fast. Next time: less slides.

Anyway, the slides are available here and also in slideshare.

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